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It is important to Mobile Health International that we maintain a program which not only provides short term medical relief, but also empowers communities to take ownership of their country's healthcare system and play an active role in its future development.


3 Objectives:


Medical Care


Preventative Health EducationMHI strives to teach health knowledge in order to enable local communities to engage in healthy behaviors. Our education training focuses on sanitation and hygiene, maternal health, malaria prevention, HIV and AIDS prevention and the importance of clean water.


CommunityAn essential objective of MHI is to engage and empower villages through collaborative community initiatives. During our outreach we train health volunteers to provide basic care to villagers. Medicines are given at half the price of normal Sudanese clinics, and every cent paid is placed directly into a community fund managed by a selected village health committee to be used in times of need. In addition, volunteers aid in the construction of a public latrine, pharmacy and shower to strengthen health infrastructure.


Sharing our FaithOur team’s principle objective in all we do is to share the love of Jesus Christ. For every staff member, each outreach is seen as an opportunity to share the gospel with the community through one on one discipleship, bible studies and counsel provided by our South Sudanese pastor. Because we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on communities, MHI returns to each village for follow-up every three to four weeks.



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